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Electrical Home Improvements

Decorative lighting is a stylish way to improve the look of your home. LED lighting is a good choice to save on your energy usage. These last approximately 25 times longer and are 8 times more efficient than the equivalent halogen 1000 hour 60W lamp. Other popular lights I install regularly include external floodlights and garden lighting, which improves both the visibility and security of your property. A new electric shower can both look good and save you energy and water costs, when compared to having a bath. Electric heating has become more efficient when compared to older storage heating and I would be happy to discuss the options available to meet your requirements. I also fit new cookers.

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Consumer unit upgrades

Consumer Unit (or fuse box)

The latest consumer units (or fuse boxes) are fire rated and serve to protect yourself, your family and your property from an electrical fault. These have greatly improved over the years and if you have the old style fuses then you could be putting yourself and property at more risk. New consumer units use RCD devices that are essential when you have a shower and there is presence of water, or for a final ring main circuit where you may come into contact with electrical appliances. If you have the old style fuse box and you are considering having it updated, then I would be happy to advise you to suit your requirements. The average home consumer unit costs less than you may think and all my prices include installation, certification and Part P notification to your building control department.

electrical testing

Electrical Repairs, Inspection and Testing, Fault Finding, Electrical Certificates.

Periodic testing and inspection of your electrical installation is an essential part of electrical maintenance. If you suspect that there is a problem with your electrical wiring, it is important to ensure that any electrical fault is identified and to repair it as soon as possible. For most private homeowners it is recommended that you have your property tested at 10 year intervals. For landlords and HMO’s it is usually required to have it checked at 5 years intervals depending on the property, its use and the people or livestock who will occupy it. Failure to observe this may have costly or legal consequences and may affect your insurance.


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